Feb 11, 2020

Better together: Uni joins GoDaddy

Uni has always been about catering to domain investors, domain lovers, and people who understand the value of the right name. We always aim to provide end-to-end solutions for the internet’s unique identifiers: domain names. Tools, technology, and tenacity have gotten us to the front of the line, and Uni will join GoDaddy. We couldn’t be more thrilled. Welcome to the future of domaining.

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We’ve been tirelessly working away on our Market for years, making sure we’re building tools that make your life easier, tools that enable you to sell quicker, to sell on the go, with more exposure, with more data, more feedback and a process that works for all. We truly love domains, we love this industry, we love what we do, and we want to bring this technology to all, to reach the furthest parts of the world and make domains accessible for everyone.

The domain investor community is a strategic priority for GoDaddy, and with their commitment to bolstering their own in-house offerings, it makes sense for them to acquire a leading registrar which already serves the domain community. Uni was created for investors and by investors.
Put simply, it makes sense for us to join GoDaddy. Our technology, love of the craft, and desire to disrupt the industry paired with GoDaddy’s relentless commitment to exceptional service, their customers, and innovation—it’s a natural fit.

By combining Uni and GoDaddy, our customers will receive a complete end-to-end solution at incredible value. Together, GoDaddy and Uni will continue to innovate in the domain space, offer new solutions and help investors achieve their goals in a cost-effective way. The technology behind the market is second to none, we want to expose this technology to the wider audience at large.
Frank’s pretty thrilled too, in his own words:
“One of the mantras we repeat around the Uniregistry office is that we dream about building a company of permanence and value". When I started speaking with GoDaddy, it became clear how passionate we both are about our customers and this industry. I realized the best way to fulfill our mantras and dreams was to join with GoDaddy.”
He continues:
“I’m so proud of the team we’ve put together. It is incredibly rewarding to give them the opportunity to scale our solutions with GoDaddy's customers. The years ahead will truly be awesome!”
Frank Schilling, Founder, Uniregistry

Is anything changing at Uni?

Change is good for us, for the industry, and innovation is necessary. However, there will be no short-term changes at Uni. The Registrar you know and love will still be available at www.uniregistry.com. Teams and key contacts will remain and all systems will continue to function the way you’ve become accustomed to. The Market will continue selling domain names and it’ll be business as usual. As time rolls on we'll be looking at how the Uniregistry Market paired with GoDaddy's expertise can serve the greater investor community at large. We will email customers a couple of weeks before closing with additional details.
We will be integrating Uniregistry with Afternic DLS. Eligible domains at Uniregistry will support Fast Transfer and gain the benefits of an expanded potential buying audience and increased exposure.

Name Administration acquisition

In addition to the registrar and technology, GoDaddy is also acquiring the Name Administration portfolio of more than 350,000 domains.
“Frank is one of the smartest and savviest investors, and his portfolio shows that knowledge and acumen. We can’t wait to bring these to market for our customers with competitive prices,”
Paul Nicks, VP Aftermarket, GoDaddy.
This portfolio is one of the best portfolios on the planet and has a tremendous amount of domain names that customers are seeking. The plan is to incorporate these names into the aftermarket and price them in a way which allows the smaller businesses out there to get the name they really need to thrive in such a competitive space.

Read all about it over at GoDaddy.

You can read more about this over on the GoDaddy blog—check out the post on GoDaddy Garage here. And something from a man who needs no introduction.
“Uniregistry is unique in that domain investors built it from the ground up so their products and services have always catered to the domain investor community. This acquisition reinforces GoDaddy’s commitment to domain investors. Combining Uniregistry’s solutions and incredible knowledge with our platform will help investors succeed and advance future innovations for them. We can't wait to get started.”
Paul Nicks, VP Aftermarket, GoDaddy.

Closing out

Here’s to a bright future. A future in which we can innovate with our brightest and best minds to build a platform which truly caters to the domain investor. Our ideas are as lofty as the sky is high, but together we truly believe we’ll build something magical.
From us to you, as always, much love—we can’t wait to start this journey with you all.

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