Industry Veterans to Bring Unique New Domain Startup Summit Conference to Los Angeles This Summer

Co-Founder Jason Thompson Domain Startup Summit
Co-Founder Jason Thompson Domain Startup Summit

Domain conferences have played an indispensable role in the phenomenal growth of the domain industry over the past 12 years. With the ongoing expansion of the Internet worldwide the importance of domain names in branding and helping drive traffic to online enterprises is finally being realized in the mainstream business community – especially the startup sector.

Seeing an opportunity to accelerate and facilitate this powerful confluence of web-based entrepreneurs, two widely respected domain industry veterans, Jason Thompson and Dwayne Walker, have just  co-founded a new era conference called Domain Startup Summit that will debut July 30, 2016 in Santa Monica, California at the well-known Cross Campus startup center at the heart of Silicon Beach.

Co-Founder Dwayne Walker Domain Startup Summit
Co-Founder Dwayne Walker Domain Startup Summit

Walker is a long time top level industry executive. Dwayne’s impressive resume includes a stint as a Senior VP at, the company that ran the popular Domainfest conferences in Los Angeles for many years. Thompson is a veteran IT Engineer/domain investor/entrepreneur who is also known for shepherding one of America’s most active local domain meetup groups – Southern California Domainers. As a team the two co-founders have extensive experience across Internet technology, startups and domain branding that make them especially well suited to produce a Domain Startup Summit.

The duo describes the event as “an extremely unique conference which brings together investors, thought leaders, startups and the domain branding industry. The goal of Domain Startup Summit is to inspire, educate and connect startups, investors and the domain industry in a unique setting that will help attendees brand, develop, launch and grow new businesses.”

“Attendees can expect an action packed day full of networking and informative speaker sessions. This original event is the first of its kind and will serve as a launching pad for building stronger bonds within the investment, startup and domain branding spaces.”

Walker said, “We’re extremely excited to bring together startups, investors and the domain branding industry. Domain Startup Summit will also feature a live Pitch-fest where startups can receive funding and feedback for their emerging companies.  Startups can be considered for Domain Startup Summit Pitchfest by submitting their company profiles here.”

Thompson added, “We’re looking to strengthen partnerships between the startup industry and domain branding industry. This is the exact vision we had when we decided to move forward with creating this event.”

With dozens of moving parts, putting together a conference of this magnitude is no easy task, but based on their long track records of success in whatever they have tackled, the  Thompson-Walker team is one that can do the job and do it right, benefiting the entire industry in the process.

source: DNJ

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