BrandBucket Did $2.4 Million in Brandable Domain Name Sales In 2015 did $2.4 Million in domain name sales in 2015, showing growth for the eighth consecutive year since opening its marketplace in 2007.

BrandBucket, founded in 2007, is an online resource for finding unique brandable business names with a .com domain name. The sales numbers was the result of growth of BrandBucket’s inventory in 2015, which exceeded 25,000 brandable business domains for sale.

BrandBucket allows owners of brandable .com domains to submit their names for consideration to be sold within its marketplace. Accepted names are then connected with a professional branding and logo by creative designers and sold as a ready-to-use brand. Some well-established brand names sold at BrandBucket include Envato, Zomato, Mattermark, and Setster.

brandbkucket sale

“In 2015 we demonstrated that we could stay on course for sales even as we dramatically expanded our inventory and community of sellers. As a result of our internal growth, web traffic growth, and continued referrals from satisfied customers, we more than doubled sales within two years” commented Michael Krell, Managing Director of BrandBucket.

BrandBucket attributes its success to its process of hand-selecting each domain name. Each name is vetted for quality based on a set of linguistic criteria and priced accordingly. Over 400,000 names have been submitted with only 40,000 names approved. BrandBucket acts as an escrow agent between the name seller and the buyer.

Source: OnlineDomain

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